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Tips For HCG Diet To Facilitate Weight Loss

HCG is an acronym for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is found mostly in the human body. The hormone is produced in large quantities by expectant women. The main function of the hormone is to utilize the fat that is stored in the body for the release of calories, which are necessary for the new life development in the womb, and that is why it is the ultimate means of burning fat. Together with the other chemicals that are produced by the human body, HCG is quite complex, and its various actions are properly balanced to ensure that the mother and the baby are healthy at all times. The hormone is quite effective in regulating metabolism. HCG diet has increasingly become popular as a means of losing weight.

Proponents of the HCG diet maintain that it increases metabolism, which helps people to lose large quantities of fat without feeling hungry. There are several theories that have been put forward to explain the effectiveness of the HCG mechanism to help in losing weight. Studies have, over the years, concluded that weight loss that is achieved by the HCG diet can be attributed to the low-calorie diet and might have nothing to the HCG hormone, but that may not be entirely true since new findings are coming up. These studies were aimed at comparing the effects of HCG injections against placebo injections when given to persons who are on a calorie-restricted diet. The weight loss progress was found to be almost identical between the two groups under study, and it was found that the HCG diet did not significantly help in the reduction of hunger.

The current HCG diet has the potential to provide lots of healthy foods and recipes. The original HCG diet in the 1950s required a strict calorie restriction to 500 calories, which proved more difficult than necessary. The new approach in the HCG diet offers an adjusted intake of calories based on the individual’s BMI, whose average is about 1400 calories. The initial diet of a 500 calorie diet might have worked, but they were associated with lots of side effects, which include mild headache and hunger. When the calorie intake is increased, the rates of weight loss will remain at an average of between .5 and 1 pound per day and without any side effects. This is because the new HCG diet was focused on what people would rather give their bodies other than limiting themselves. The HCG diet plan also offers the opportunity of building healthy habits that are relatively sustainable for long.

If you are looking for ways of maximizing your HCG diet and subsequently lose weight, you might find these metabolism-enhancing tips helpful. It is recommended that you take a multivitamin and other supplements. When the body has all it needs to work at optimum levels, it can burn fats more easily. You should also take plenty of water and tea to make your system function at its best and boost your metabolism.

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