I Have Been Looking at Houses

I have the money thanks to an unexpected inheritance. In fact I never knew my Uncle Maury had any money, he certainly never acted as though he did. If you went into his tiny kitchen you would find a lot of pork and beans, that sort of thing seems to have been all that he ate. He had a tiny house on a quarter acre of land and I seem to have been the only relative who kept in touch with him. Last year I arranged for sewer root removal for him and after that I tried to look after him when I was able since no one else was able or willing. The whole time I assumed that he was barely well off enough to pay his bills. I did not think he was destitute or in danger of starving, but I certainly never thought he was worth a couple of million dollars in stocks and municipal bonds.

Maury died suddenly, about a week after he refused to go to the hospital when I suggested that he should. Apparently there was a blood clot in his lungs and it starved his brain of oxygen. A couple of weeks later the lawyer called me and told me about the inheritance. It was just a small part of the estate, most of which he gave away to his church and other charities in his neighborhood. The local library was talking about putting up something to honor him, they talked about how he used the computers every week and sat in the reading room with books about history and such. I was startled, but the money is plenty for a down payment and I had some money saved for this purpose. So I can manage to get a much better place than I had hoped.