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You Can Benefit from Having a Med-Arb Attorney

Many people are now going for alternative dispute resolution methods when handling divorce outside of a public court setting. While some couples like to use mediation, others prefer arbitration. It is also possible to combine the process of mediation and arbitration into a single process known as Med-Arb to help solve the issues and divorce without too much friction. Through Med-Arb, couples can first try mediation to help them reach non-adversarial compromises and then go to arbitration as a way to decide on any outstanding issues. You will be sure to find the technique less expensive and less emotionally draining than the public court system. However, it is essential to have various issues addressed before you agree to enter the process. You need to get a compassionate and experienced family law attorney to guide you in making any Med-Arb decisions. Among the reasons why you should consider getting a Med-Arb attorney are those presented herein.

A Med-Arb attorney will be useful in establishing critical ground rules relating to the process. With legal counsel governing you through the Med-Arb process, it will be possible to resolve most or all of the critical issues amongst you. Consequently, you can get the services of a Med-Arb attorney to help make the Med-Arb process more effective.

You can use the services of a Med-Arb attorney when deciding on a neutral third party or parties for mediation or arbitration. While a mediator collaborates with the couple to help reach a consensus and a settlement on various issues, and arbitrator will act in the same manner that a judge does in court by imposing binding rules. It is even possible to have the same person to play the role of a mediator and arbitrator, and this can contribute to reducing your expenses. When you have a lawyer, you can get the help you need to ensure that private exchanges between the med-arbiter and both parties keep your best interests.

An experienced lawyer can help outline the process that needs to be followed in your Med-Arb case. This service will help ensure that there are no surprises in the process of carrying the case along. The lawyer will also be useful in guiding you concerning whether or not you should appeal for an arbitration award.

When you’re seeking to have alternative dispute resolution cases for your divorce case, you need to get a family law attorney who has experience in handling similar cases. The lawyer that you get should also be one who provides excellent customer services so that they will understand you completely and offer you the services you need with high levels of attention to detail. You may also need to consider the kind of Med-Arb cases the attorney handles to be sure that they are suitable for your case.

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