Nigerian Foods

Do you love heading for beautiful places worldwide? Are you a food blogger serious about African cuisines? Do you plan to travel to Nigeria soon?. This article explores some mouth-watering Nigerian cuisines try on your next visit.

Nigeria is one of largest black country on the planet having over 150 million citizens and also over 250 ethnic groups with 3 major ones. Each ethnic group has some peculiar cuisines connected with them. Below are a few of these foods and the way to prepare them.

  1. Ofada rice with stew: Ofada is often a small town inside South-Western portion of the country. Its residents are recognized to be rice farmers hence the rice grown is termed after the town. This rice is brownish in colour and sold throughout the country.

Ingredients: 2 and a half cups ofada rice, 5 cups water, 1 tsp. vegetable oil (optional), 1 tsp. Salt.

Direction to prepare includes warm up the 5 servings of water in the pot till it boils, rinse rice thoroughly with cold flowing water and pour in the pot of boiling water. Add salt and oil. Thereafter, cook for 35 minutes or until its ready (soft to consume).

  1. Pounded yam and melon soup (egusi): This delicacy can be known one of many south-western Yoruba people. The ingredients for two main servings include 1 tuber of yam, 2 servings of ground melon, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, 1 medium-size ice fish, Palm oil, onion, stock cube, 1 tsp of salt, 1 small bunch ugwu leaf.

Direction cooking: Peel, wash and boil yam till its well-cooked. Pound in the mortar that has a pestle, mould into balls and hang aside. Add little water to ground egusi in the pot to create a thick paste with blended pepper, onion and tomatoes. Stir lots of people and allow to prepare before adding palm oil. Pour in most water to lighten the soup if too thick, stock cubes, salt to taste along with your fried ice fish. Finally, add chopped ugwu leaf and allow in order to cook for 5 minutes. Serve pounded yam and egusi soup.

  1. Afang soup is eaten because of the Efikis/Ibibio people of Nigeria. This soup carries a bit of bitter taste but highly nutritious and tasty.

Ingredients are Smoked fish, beef or assorted meat, ground crayfish, periwinkle (optional), Afang Leaves (dry or fresh), Water leaves (Alternatively, lamb lettuce or Spinach), Palm oil, Stock cubes, Fresh pepper or ground dried pepper (to taste) and Salt to taste.

Direction to prepare: wash and cut Afang leaves, pound or blend it as well as set aside then slice the stream leaves as well as set aside. Cook until tender the assorted meat, smoked fish or beef and stockfish with chopped onions, one stock cube/seasoning cube and salt to taste. Then clean the dried fish in hot water, take off the bones to protect yourself from choking while eating and add the fish for the pot of cooked meat. Add the Palm oil, pepper, ground crayfish and stock cube on the pot. Mix well and add periwinkles (if you utilize any). Add salt to taste. Cover the pot leave to boil for approximately 12 minutes. After 12 minutes, add the Afang leaves, leave to simmer for less than 6 minutes then add the river leaves. Afang soup is able to be served hot with Starch, Pounded Yam, Wheat meal, Eba, Fufu, Semolina, Amala,

  1. Tuwo shinkafa is popular over the northern elements of Nigeria. It is usually a unique dish composed of rice flour or soft, short-grained rice and water.

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