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Merits of Government Transparency

Whether it is local or state government, transparency is a key issue. There are many activist groups that are calling for the government to be more transparent in its actions. However, people also need to understand why transparency is important and what it means. With transparency in the government, every citizen is able to research the elected and other government officials so that they can be held accountable. Remember that you are paying taxes and you have the right to speak up when the taxes are not being spent on things that will be of help to everyone. Government officials are not put in office to do as they please but rather to search.

Government transparency also means that public and financial information should be put online. In such a case, anyone can pull up the information when they need to reference it or to understand how their taxes are being used. In addition, the system should be easy-to-use and also readily understandable. If it is difficult to interpret only the experts in the field will be able to understand it and that is not right. Therefore, it is not just a matter of putting the information out in the public but also ensuring that everyone can comprehend what it means. Otherwise, it will not be of much help.

On top of that, transparency will bring more accountability and clarity to the system. When the system is not checked frequently corruption will be rampant. A corrupt government is the worst thing that can befall a state which is why the citizens should have access to the information necessary to hold the leaders accountable. When they are being audited all the time only the best leaders will remain in office. Those who are looking for ways to enhance their corrupt agendas will be outed and impeached quickly. Flushing out corrupt leaders gives great ones a chance to serve the people.

Government transparency also motivates people to be patriotic. It is hard to be proud of a country where everything always goes wrong not because taxes are not being paid but because they are squandered by corrupt leaders. Knowing that the government doesn’t care puts people in despair and they will always feel the pain paying taxes when they know the money is going in the pockets of officials who only care about themselves. However, when the taxpayers have a chance to determine how their taxes are used and also access whether that is what happened it will be easy for them to keep supporting their government.

With government transparency, the lifestyle of citizens improves too. The taxes will be used in making living conditions better for the citizens. Also, they will have a chance to progress economically which eradicates poverty. With a high number of poor people, the government will be failing its people. However, this will happen when corruption goes unpunished. Thus, everyone should advocate for transparency in the government so that the living standards can improve. After all, you are paying taxes.

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